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Folk Alliance Region Midwest’s one day conference
on May 2nd at Camp Palmer, Fayette, Ohio
Only Two weeks until FARMette
I know you’re thinking about it. But still procrastinating?
So what can I say to move you to register?
How About:
29 Showcase Performances
3 Outstanding Workshops
Late night jamming
Career Networking Opportunities with
8 Venues Represented
2 DJs
2 Agents
Have you checked the attendees list? Are your friends attending?
Don’t miss out. Here’s your chance to attend a Folk Alliance Conference; one day, affordable, convenient location.

2015 FARMette Official Showcase Performers

Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) is pleased announce the performers for its FARMette conference on May 2nd.  In alphabetical order, they are:

FARM congratulates these artists who were selected. And our deepest appreciation goes to all of the artist applicants for participating, and for strengthening the field of choices afforded to the judges.

Sincere thanks to our expert judges, for giving freely of their time to select our winners.  Again alphabetically:

Thanks also to Listening Room Network for again providing online resources to facilitate the submission and judging process.

We’re looking forward to another spectacular Official Showcase on May 2nd!

Kitty Donohoe to host song writing workshop

We are pleased to announce that Kitty Donohoe will be hosting a songwriting workshop at FARMette. 

Captukitty-citternring That Song and Finishing It.’  Ideas for songs can flit in and out of your head like fireflies and disappear just as quickly.  How do you grab those bits of melody and lyric and shape them into a performance-ready work?  How do you go from the basic idea to something with substance?’
FARMette has previously announced two additional workshops: Joann Murdock, “Taking it to the next level” and Andy Cohen, “Why it would benefit everybody to study as many traditional players and as much traditional music as they possibly can.”
FARMette is a one day conference hosted by Folk Alliance Region Midwes (FARM) and is being held on Saturday, May 2nd at Camp Palmer in Northwest Ohio. There will be 10 juried showcases, 18 additional showcases, 3 workshops, a venue discussion and late night campfire and jam.

FARMette 2015 on May 2nd

FARMette 2015 flyer

It is time to register for FARMette

It is time to Register for FARM’s one day conference


May 2, 2015
Held at Camp Palmer near Fayette, Ohio

The Official Showcase submission period is now closed, judging is underway and we expect to announce the 10 performers by the end of the month. If you submitted, thank you. We offer two showcase opportunities at FARMette, the Official Showcase and Performance Lane. The selection for Performance Lane is based on the order of conference registration. Register early to secure your opportunity to perform at FARMette.

Click here for FARMette registration

So, what is FARMette? FARMette is the one day version of our annual conference and includes:

10 Official (juried) Showcase performances
18 Performance Lane performances
Career development workshops
A venue discussion group
Late night jam & song circle
Low cost registration with meals included
Overnight accommodations (bunk house) available

Official FARM Playlist

We are currently featuring artists who will be performing at the Mill IOWA WELCOME on Sun., Feb. 15th in Iowa City.

Friends of FARM

Sandy Andina
Sue Kessell (WNUR)
Kerry Patrick Clark
Simeon Peebler
Wayne Greene (radiowayne.com)
Deb Kirmer - Last Minute Folk
The Gordons
West Bethesda Folk Music Concerts
Ten Pound Fiddle

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Future FARM Dates

Dates for future FARM conferences in Iowa City, IA

* October 22 - 25, 2015
* October 27 - 30, 2016
* October 19 - 22, 2017

FARM Member States

North Dakota
South Dakota