Performance Lane

The 2014 Performance Lane schedule will be announced in August.  For now, below are the 2013 performers.

2013 FARM Conference Performance Lane Schedule
Room: East A Room:  Plaza 4 & 5
Friday 4:00 So Long Solo Richard Paul Thomas
Friday 4:10 Wayne Greene Annie Capps
Friday 4:20 Bohemian Highway Nathan Bell
Friday 4:30 Robinlee Garber Jeremiah Birnbaum
Friday 4:40 Donna Herula & Tony Nardiello Chris Vallillo
Friday 4:50 Shiny Shiny Black Lyal Strickland
Friday 5:00 Kira Small Jenna Lindbo
Friday 5:10 Lizanne Knott Mike Cowan
Friday 5:20 Chuck VanderVennet Barbara Piper
Friday 10:50 Charlie Mosbrook Tim Hildebrandt
Friday 11:00 Amy Dixon-Kolar Red Brick Rhoades
Friday 11:10 Bethel Steele Rob Lytle
Friday 11:20 Andrew & Casey Kathy Greenholdt
Friday 11:30 Elaine McMilian Adrienne Frailey
Friday 11:40 Jenny Bienemann Christopher Mark Jones
Saturday 4:00 Simeon Peebler John Sherman & Randy Clepper
Saturday 4:10 Lauren Piper Martine Locke
Saturday 4:20 Jeremy Joyce David Hawkins
Saturday 4:30 Jane Godfrey The Accidentals
Saturday 4:40 Barb Ryman Rj Cowdery
Saturday 4:50 Emily White Spook Handy
Saturday 5:00 G.L.O.R.I.A. ATTOUN Chuck Mitchell
Saturday 5:10 Claudia Nygaard The Gordons
Saturday 5:20 Mark Dvorak The Aching Hearts
Saturday 10:50 Andina & Rich James Curley
Saturday 11:00 Laura Joy Karyn Oliver
Saturday 11:10 Jan Marra Hall & Morgan
Saturday 11:20 Gary Paul Hermus Elliott Ranney
Saturday 11:30 Robin Bienemann The Wilhelms
Saturday 11:40 Sue Fink Patty Stevenson & Craig Siemsen


About our Performance Lane

Our Performance Lane offers a limited number of pre-scheduled 10- minute time slots to be held simultaneously in 2 smaller conference rooms. These unplugged performances are a great opportunity to showcase and many non-official showcase artists have been booked based one song. Performance Lane takes place on Friday and Saturday afternoon as well as, immediately following the official showcases on Friday and Saturday night.

How to sign up for Performance Lane

It’s easy. Just register for the conference and select the box on the form indicating you would like a Performance Lane slot. Requests for these slots are filled in the order received up to the maximum number of participants we can accommodate, so REGISTER AS EARLY AS YOU CAN if you want a Performance Lane spot.

If you’re a band, read this!

Please elect ONE member of your band to sign up for Performance Lane on behalf of the band. Due to the limited number of slots, we ask that you choose between performing with your band or solo. We do recognize that there is a difference between backing up an artists and being a member of a duo or band. If you are at FARM in both capacities, we will allow you to appear in multiple PL slots as a back up artist as well as your own featured slot. For example, if Joe Singer wants you to back him up on mandolin, that would not count as a your one PL slot. However, if you are a member of Folk Band Extraordinaire as well as a solo performer, you will need to choose one or the other. Thanks for your cooperation.

2013 Friends of FARM

Andina & Rich
James Curley
Pump House Concerts
Ten Pound Fiddle
Two Way Street Coffee House
WDCB (Lilli Kuzma)
WNUR (Sue Kessell)
WVPE (Al Kniola)
West Bethesda Folk Music Concerts

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