Private Showcases

We’re VERY EXCITED to announce the hosts of our Private Showcase rooms for 2015:

208 Access Film Music Chicago Mike Beck
Thurs-Fri Sat
210 Lilfest Nancy Emrich Freeman Thurs-Fri Sat
212 Two Way Street Coffee House Kristen Fuller Thurs-Fri SatFULL
214 Uncorked Loretta Sawyer Thurs-Fri SatFULL
216 Folknet Charlie Mosbrook Thurs-Fri Sat
218 Bill & Kate Isles Presents Bill Isles Thurs-Fri Sat
220 First Timers Showcase Thurs-Fri Sat
222 Studio-234 Kerry Patrick Clark Thurs-Fri SatFULL
224 Friendly Tap Jenny Bienemann Thurs-Fri SatFULL
226 Rick & Rocky Presents Rick Drost Thurs-Fri Sat
228 Ampersand Records Presents Spook Handy FriFULL
228 BurghSong Presents Christopher Mark Jones SatFULL
230 Bliss Hippy Richard & Maureen Hall Thurs-Fri SatFULL
232 Wisconsin Singer/Songwriter Series Joe DeLucia Thurs-Fri SatFULL



We will again have a Private Showcase room reserved for first time attendees (1st timers).  If this is your first time registering for FARM, you are eligible! The 1st Timer room will feature a series of 30 minute In The Round performances, consisting of a host (a veteran FARM musician) and two 1st time attendees.  Spots in this room will be assigned based your request with priority based on REGISTRATION ORDER.  There are 24 spots available to 1st timers.

Email Jacquelyn Strickland, of your interests, and tell her any date / time preferences to help her schedule you.


NOTE TO ‘VETERAN’ FARM ATTENDEES!!  If you want to host a 1st timer round, please Email Jacquelyn Strickland and let her know you are interested.


In 2015, we will once again provide an online, sortable and filterable Private Showcase Schedule.  Instead of printing the schedule – and since there are multiple ways you’d like to see the schedule it takes lots of pages – you can now look it up on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Want to know the line up in a particular room?  Click on the host button and sort by the host rooms.  Want to know when your favorite musician is performing?  Click on the performer button.  Standing in the hallway at 1:30 on Friday night with no idea where to go?  Click on the date/time button.  Check it out.  This “app” was designed by B. Ryan B., so congratulate him on a job well done.

The on line private showcase schedule is HERE.


What others have said about the Private Showcases at FARM.

“The YaYas attended their first FARM in 2011 and from the Performance Lane and Private Showcases, we were able to book some great gigs in the Midwest. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put together a great conference. We had a wonderful experience.”  – Jay Mafale (The YaYas)

FARM will be designating thirteen hotel rooms, all poolside at the Sheraton Iowa City, for Private Showcases.   The private showcase area at the 2015 conference will be an exciting and inviting place to be!!  And our 2014 chief of security and cuteness, Champ, will return to FARM in 2015.

Note: Host hotel room reservations for private showcase rooms will work differently this year.  You will reserve the private showcase room directly with FARM (not thru the hotel).  The cost of $125 per night includes a hotel room in the private showcase area, and the fee for hosting.  You are welcome to sleep in this room.  If you want a separate sleeping room, please book that directly with the Sheraton (see the Hotel Info page)

  • Deadline for applying to present (host) a private showcase is September 1st.
  • The fee for hosting a private showcase room is $125 per night – this INCLUDES the cost of the hotel room!!
  • DO NOT reserve a room to use for your Private Showcase.  Private Showcase room reservations will be handled directly with FARM (by Jacquelyn Strickland, our venerable Private Showcase coordinator).
  • Reserve your Private Showcase Room by making payment via the Pay For Things page.  Choose “FARM Private Showcase Room Fee”.  One fee per night that you will host a room.  This fee must be paid by September 1st.
  • Private Showcases will be allowed Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights beginning at midnight and ending at 2am.  We prefer that a host run their showcase all three nights, but one or two night arrangements are possible.
  • Absolutely NO amplification will be allowed.
  • Full conference registration is required for ALL performers and hosts.
  • Complete showcase schedules must be submitted in advance (deadline October 1, 2015)

How to apply to present (host) a private showcase.

Email the following information to Jacquelyn Strickland (

Showcase room host name, email address, cell phone number, and showcase room title.  Also, tell Jacquelyn whether or not you will be sleeping in your private showcase room.

Reserve your Private Showcase Room by making payment via the Pay For Things page.  Choose “FARM Private Showcase Room Fee”.  One fee per night that you will host a room.  This fee must be paid by September 1st.


How to Solicit Private Showcase MUSICIANS or HOSTS

Click here to join our listserve:

Solicitation is open now to both artists and hosts. When available, the names and contacts of hosts will be posted here. Sign up for our mailing list if you’re not already on it for updates.

Some Private Showcase Hosts may choose to charge the showcasing artists a small fee to help offset the cost of their room, refreshments and advertising. This is optional and at the discretion of each individual host.

ABSOLUTELY NO guerrilla or any other type of in-room showcasing will be allowed in any other rooms.

Private Showcase coordinator is  Jacquelyn Strickland  (  if you have further questions.  And thank her for all her work!

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Official FARM Playlist

We are currently featuring our 2015 Official Showcase artists! Give a listen - you can expect more of this at this year's FARM conference!

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