Performance Lane

The 2015 Performance Lane schedule is below.  There may need to be an adjustment or two, but only artist driven.  You are safe to put this info in your ad, and print postcards and flyers for the conference.

As of Oct. 5th, we have about 7 spots left.  Let us know if you are interested!

If you have any questions or concerns, email our colorful coordinator of Performance Lane, Joan Hellman


Friday afternoon Amos Dean A

4:00 Wayne Greene

4;10 Jay Matthes

4:20 Brad Colerick

4:30 Doug Adams

4:40 Lyal Strickland

4:50  Mark Young

5:00 Chuck Mitchell

5:10 Dave Parsons

5:20 Jeff Karoub


Friday afternoon Amos Dean D

4:00 Spook Handy

4:10 Charlie Mosbrook

4:20 Meg Braun

4:30 Julie Bates

4:40 Andrew Morris

4:50 Christopher Mark Jones

5:00 Paul Imholte

5:10 Kevin Dooley

5:20 Gabe Bailllargeon


Friday Afternoon Johnson 1&2

4:00 Barefoot Wonder (Bowers & Gilman)

4:10 The High Crest (Darling & Short)

4:20 Amy Dixon-Kolar

4:30 Rachael Kilgour

4:40 Sandy Andina and Steve Rich

4:50 Emily White

5:00 Chicago Mile Beck

5:10 Andrew Calhoun


Friday night Amos Dean A

10:50 Steven Schmidt

11:00 Hall and Morgan

11:10 Daniel Colehour

11:20 Terry White

11:30 Jodi Walker

11:40 Kevin Elliott


Friday night Amos Dean D

10:50 David Walker

11:00 Cheryl Tomblin

11:10 Julie Christensen

11:20 The Wilhelms (Ploof & Wendland)

11:30 Bruce Kaplan and Claudia Russell

11:40 Rick Vines


Saturday afternoon Amos Dean A

4:00 Ronald Muka

4:10 Ryan M Brewer

4:20 Christopher Reynolds

4:30 Chris Valillo

4:40 Dan Henkel

4:50 Rob Pierce

5:00 Kerry Patrick Clark

5:10 Kent Rose


Saturday afternoon Amos Dean D

4:00 Him and Her

4:10 John Keck

4:20 Bill and Kate Isles

4:30 Bliss Hippy

4:40 Mark Dvorak

4:50 Matthew Francis Andersen

5:00 Jon Ponder

5:10 Brianna Lane


Saturday Afternoon Johnson 1&2

4:00 Chuck vander Vennet (Blind Hills)

4:10 Tom Mason

4:20 John Louis

4:30 Patty Stevenson and Craig Siemsen

4:40 The OK Factor

4:50 Emily Dunbar

5:00 B Ryan B(addour)

5:10 Anna Stange


Saturday night Amos Dean A

10:50 David G. Smith

11:00 Hannah Shira Naiman

11:10 Rick Drost

11:20 Ronny Cox

11:30 John Krob

11:40 Dick Kimmel


Saturday night Amos Dean D

10:50 David Drake

11:00 Don D Harvey

11:10 Hope Dunbar

11:20 Melanie Devaney

11:30 Ruth and Max Bloomquist

11:40 Meg Braun


About our Performance Lane

Our Performance Lane offers a limited number of pre-scheduled 10- minute time slots to be held simultaneously in 2 or 3 conference rooms. These unplugged performances are a great opportunity to showcase and many non-official showcase artists have been booked by FARM venues based on one song.  Performance Lane takes place on Friday and Saturday afternoon as well as immediately following the official showcases on Friday and Saturday night.

How to sign up for Performance Lane

It’s easy. Just register for the conference and select the box on the form indicating you would like a Performance Lane slot. Requests for these slots are filled in the order received up to the maximum number of participants we can accommodate, so REGISTER AS EARLY AS YOU CAN if you want a Performance Lane spot.

If you’re a band, read this!

Please elect ONE member of your band to sign up for Performance Lane on behalf of the band. Due to the limited number of slots, we ask that you choose between performing with your band or solo. We do recognize that there is a difference between backing up an artists and being a member of a duo or band. If you are at FARM in both capacities, we will allow you to appear in multiple PL slots as a back up artist as well as your own featured slot. For example, if Joe Singer wants you to back him up on mandolin, that would not count as a your one PL slot. However, if you are a member of Folk Band Extraordinaire as well as a solo performer, you will need to choose one or the other. Thanks for your cooperation.

Official FARM Playlist

We are currently featuring our 2015 Official Showcase artists! Give a listen - you can expect more of this at this year's FARM conference!

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