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FARM 2015 Workshops announced.

At FARM we think the workshops at your conference are a key part of an educational, fun, and worthwhile conference. Our two workshop coordinators, Charlie Mosbrook and Andrew Calhoun, have been hard at work developing another amazing slate of workshops and related events for this year’s conference.


Folk DJ Panel – FARM 2010

Workshops and Panels Overview

Every year we work hard behind the scenes to bring you a diverse line-up of workshops and panels, with a host of experts from our own community who can address current technology, the changing face of the independent music business, as well as performance and instrument techniques.

Workshops will take place on Friday and Saturday afternoons and we plan to offer a  master class on Thursday afternoon.


Following is our list of workshop topics (have you registered yet??? If not, now’s the time!) and likely workshop leaders or panel participants.  The schedule is being developed and will be shared in mid September.

FARM Workshops – 2015 Conference

  1. Music Law 101: Copyrighting, trademarking, etc. – Peter Strand
  2. Songwriters Music In Live Theater – Grant Freeman
  3. How to Get the Gig – Melissa Dagenhart and more
  4. Effortless Singing And Harmony – Brenda Freed
  5. Creating Press Kits and General Graphic Design Tips for Musicians – Annie Capps and more
  6. Folk DJ panel. Lilli Kuzma and other Folk DJs
  7. Presenter (Venue) Discussion – Rick Vines and more
  8. PRO’s for Both Artists and Presenters – Peter Strand
  9. Stagecraft panel – “The Power of Song Introductions.” – Sue Fink, Emily White, Heather Styka
  10. DYI International Touring – Mike Beck, Lizanne Knott
  11. Music in Film – Mike Beck
  12. The Mindful Musician: Coping With the Emotions of Booking, Gigging, and Touring – Heather Styka, Maureen Hall
  13. Poets and Lyrics
  14. Roots In The Church – Gina Forsyth, Greg Brown
  15. Musicality – Stand Out From The Crowd and Enhance Your Musicianship – Eric Lambert


Also, FARM is happy to be planning the following events during the conference:

The Legacy of Art Theim – Mark Dvorak

Group Sing

Dance – Becca Rhodes

Master Class / Songwriting


If you would like to propose a workshop for our 2016 conference send an email to  Charlie Mosbrook and please include the following information:

  1. Workshop subject (title is even better) and description.
  2. A short paragraph describing your experience in presenting this workshop

Answer the following additional questions:

  1. Would your topic work as panel? or would you consider working with a co-facilitator?
  2. Have you presented this workshop at a previous FARM or other Folk Conference event? When?
  3. Will you be attending the entire conference? Any scheduling requests

Feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any general questions.

Official FARM Playlist

We are currently featuring artists that are some of our favorites from past FARM conferences. Coming soon: Our 2015 Official Showcase artists!

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