2017 Private Showcase Schedule

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Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00220First TimersAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00220First TimersMatthew Michael & Christina Marie
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00210LilFestScott Fab
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseEarnest & Troubled
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00222The Warming HouseThe Matchsellers
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosMary Bragg
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalDiane Perry
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00228The Traditional RoomChuck Mitchell
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsHall & Morgan
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00230Bliss HippyGina Forsyth
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00230Bliss HippyThe Newkirks
Thu 11:05 PM10/19 23:05208Jenny & Robin’s RoomTerry Klein
Thu 11:15 PM10/19 23:15214UncorkedRuth & Max Bloomquist
Thu 11:20 PM10/19 23:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseCatBird
Thu 11:20 PM10/19 23:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsDan Weber
Fri 11:20 PM10/20 23:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsMark Dvorak
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30214UncorkedRiver Breitbach
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30220First TimersJohn Stano
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30220First TimersJohnny Coull
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30208Jenny & Robin’s RoomJenny Bienemann
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30210LilFestDave Moore
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30210LilFestPhil Heywood
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30216FolknetDoug Wood
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30222The Warming HouseChuck Mitchell
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30222The Warming HouseDavid G. Smith
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Hakan
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalTRiSiS
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30228The Traditional RoomKaia Fowler
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30230Bliss HippyRupert Wates
Thu 11:30 PM10/19 23:30230Bliss HippySarah Eide
Thu 11:40 PM10/19 23:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseDave Cofell
Thu 11:40 PM10/19 23:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsEarnest & Troubled
Thu 11:45 PM10/19 23:45214UncorkedDavid Noll
Thu 11:50 PM10/19 23:50216FolknetMary Bragg
Thu 11:55 PM10/19 23:55208Jenny & Robin’s RoomRobin Bienemann
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00214UncorkedMark Dvorak
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosTerry Klein
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00210LilFestChuck Mitchell
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseHeather Styka
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00222The Warming HouseEscaping Pavement
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsCentral Standard Time
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalSmall Forest
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00220First TimersPhil Heywood
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00220First TimersThe Newkirks
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00228The Traditional RoomCharlie Mosbrook
Thu 12:10 AM10/20 00:10216FolknetKatie Dahl
Thu 12:20 AM10/20 00:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseJenny Bienemann
Thu 12:20 AM10/20 00:20208Jenny & Robin’s RoomEric Elison
Thu 12:20 AM10/20 00:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsRebecca Jasso
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30214UncorkedThe Matchsellers
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosRiver Glen Breitbach
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30222The Warming HouseJohn Louis
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30222The Warming HouseMary Bragg
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30230Bliss HippyHeather Styka
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30230Bliss HippyJohnny Coull
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalGina Forsyth
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30220First TimersEscaping Pavement
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30220First TimersTRiSiS
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30210LilFestAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30216FolknetDavid Noll
Thu 12:30 AM10/20 00:30228The Traditional RoomTim Grimm
Thu 12:40 AM10/20 00:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseCentral Standard Time
Thu 12:40 AM10/20 00:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsLyal Strickland
Thu 12:45 AM10/20 00:45214UncorkedSmall Forest
Thu 12:45 AM10/20 00:45208Jenny & Robin’s RoomAnnie & Rod Capps
Thu 12:50 AM10/20 00:50216FolknetRuth & Max Bloomquist
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00214UncorkedCatbird
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosThe Newkirks
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00210LilFestJosia Eden
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseChris Vallillo
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00222The Warming HousePeter Mulvey
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00220First TimersTerry Klein
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalJoe Shields
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00228The Traditional RoomJohn Stano
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsRupert Wates
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00230Bliss HippyLast Acre
Thu 1:00 AM10/20 01:00230Bliss HippyRobin Bienemann
Thu 1:10 AM10/20 01:10208Jenny & Robin’s RoomMatthew Michael & Christina Marie
Thu 1:10 AM10/20 01:10216FolknetAaron Earl Short
Thu 1:15 AM10/20 01:15214UncorkedDan Weber
Thu 1:20 AM10/20 01:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseDiamonds in the Rust
Thu 1:20 AM10/20 01:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsGina Forsyth
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30214UncorkedAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30222The Warming HouseCurtis & Loretta
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30222The Warming HouseDave Cofell
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30230Bliss HippyDiane Perry
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30230Bliss HippyMari Black & her World Fiddle Ensemble
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalHeather Styka
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsJoanne Lurgio
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsRupert Wates
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30220First TimersJoe Shields
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30210LilFestSandy Andina
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30216FolknetCharlie Mosbrook
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30216FolknetEarnest & Troubled
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30228The Traditional RoomAndy Cohen
Thu 1:35 AM10/20 01:35208Jenny & Robin’s RoomEmily White
Thu 1:40 AM10/20 01:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseEric Lambert
Thu 1:40 AM10/20 01:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsRoger Brown
Thu 1:45 AM10/20 01:45214UncorkedCentral Standard Time
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00218Rupert Wates & FriendsDave Cofell
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00220First TimersJeffrey Krause
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00220First TimersThe New Zeitgeist
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00210LilFestEarnest & Troubled
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseEmily White
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00222The Warming HouseJohnny Coull
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Hakan
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalLyal Strickland
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00228The Traditional RoomAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsLast Acre
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00230Bliss HippyDan Weber
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00230Bliss HippyMicah Walk
Fri 11:05 PM10/20 23:05208Jenny & Robin’s RoomGina Forsyth
Fri 11:15 PM10/20 23:15214UncorkedBlind Hills
Fri 11:15 PM10/20 23:15218Rupert Wates & FriendsHeather Styka
Fri 11:20 PM10/20 23:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseCraig Siemsen & Patty Stevenson
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30214UncorkedMichael Jonathan
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsRupert Wates
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30220First TimersShawna Caspi
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30220First TimersSky Smeed
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30208Jenny & Robin’s RoomJane Godfrey
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30210LilFestPhil Heywood
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30216FolknetB. Ryan. B
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30222The Warming HouseOK Factor
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30222The Warming HouseRyanhood
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosJane Fallon
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalTRiSiS
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30228The Traditional RoomChris Vallillo
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30230Bliss HippyEscaping Pavement
Fri 11:30 PM10/20 23:30230Bliss HippyRuth & Max Bloomquist
Fri 11:40 PM10/20 23:40218Rupert Wates & FriendsSarah Eide
Fri 11:40 PM10/20 23:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseDavid Noll
Fri 11:40 PM10/20 23:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsScott Easterday
Fri 11:50 PM10/20 23:50216FolknetSandy Andina
Fri 11:55 PM10/20 23:55208Jenny & Robin’s RoomJan Krist & Jim Bizer
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00214UncorkedMark Dvorak
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00210LilFestRupert Wates
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseThe Matchsellers
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00222The Warming HouseJohn Louis
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00222The Warming HouseOrdinary Elephant
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00230Bliss HippyBliss Hippy
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00230Bliss HippyThe OK Factor
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalJohn Stano
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00220First TimersLast Acre
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00220First TimersSmall Forest
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosDan Weber
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00228The Traditional RoomHall & Morgan
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsAndy Cohen
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsDave Moore
Fri 12:00 AM10/21 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsPhil Heywood
Fri 12:10 AM10/21 00:10216FolknetDoug Wood
Fri 12:20 AM10/21 00:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseTim Grimm
Fri 12:20 AM10/21 00:20208Jenny & Robin’s RoomJenny Bienemann
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30214UncorkedCurtis & Loretta
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30222The Warming HouseBrianna Lane
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30222The Warming HousePeter Mulvey
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30230Bliss HippyJoanne Lurgio
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30230Bliss HippyShawna Caspi
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalKaia Fowler
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30220First TimersCurt Joa
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30220First TimersMichael Gay
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30210LilFestGina Forsyth
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30216FolknetDiamonds in the Rust
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Noll
Fri 12:30 AM10/21 00:30228The Traditional RoomDoug Adams
Fri 12:40 AM10/21 00:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseJoel Curtis
Fri 12:45 AM10/21 00:45214UncorkedChris Vallillo
Fri 12:45 AM10/21 00:45208Jenny & Robin’s RoomJohn Louis
Fri 12:50 AM10/21 00:50216FolknetCharlie Mosbrook
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00214UncorkedPatty Stevenson & Craig Siemsen
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00220First TimersRebecca Jasso
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00220First TimersRoute 358
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00210LilFestDan Weber
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseSmall Forest
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00222The Warming HouseEmily White
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00222The Warming HouseKatie Dahl
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00230Bliss HippyMark Dvorak
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00230Bliss HippyRyanhood
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalTim Grimm
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00218Rupert Wates & FriendsThe Newkirks
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosCentral Standard Time
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00228The Traditional RoomCurtis & Loretta
Fri 1:00 AM10/21 01:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsDon Harvey
Fri 1:10 AM10/21 01:10208Jenny & Robin’s RoomEarnest & Troubled
Fri 1:10 AM10/21 01:10216FolknetRoute 358
Fri 1:15 AM10/21 01:15214UncorkedChuck Mitchell
Fri 1:15 AM10/21 01:15218Rupert Wates & FriendsCurt Joa
Fri 1:20 AM10/21 01:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseMicah Walk
Fri 1:20 AM10/21 01:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsAaron Earl Short
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30214UncorkedTim Grimm
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30220First TimersJuliana Logan
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30220First TimersSarah Eide
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30222The Warming HouseHeather Styka
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30230Bliss HippyPushing Chain
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30230Bliss HippyTerry Klein
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalDavid Noll
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsKatie Dahl
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsRupert Wates
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30210LilFestJan Krist & Jim Bizer
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30216FolknetAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30216FolknetJoe Shields
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosJohn Stano
Fri 1:30 AM10/21 01:30228The Traditional RoomGina Forsyth
Fri 1:35 AM10/21 01:35208Jenny & Robin’s RoomRobin Bienemann
Fri 1:40 AM10/21 01:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseAnnie & Rod Capps
Fri 1:40 AM10/21 01:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsStar Belle Ukelele Band
Fri 1:45 AM10/21 01:45214UncorkedEric Lambert
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00218Rupert Wates & FriendsSmall Forest
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00220First TimersTBA
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00210LilFestChuck Mitchell
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseMark Dvorak
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00222The Warming HouseJeff Krause
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00222The Warming HouseStar Belle Ukelele Band
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosThe OK Factor
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalJoe Delucia
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalJohn Higgins
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00228The Traditional RoomThe Matchsellers
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsJohn Louis
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00230Bliss HippyDaniel Elixir
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00230Bliss HippyLyal Strickland
Sat 11:05 PM10/21 23:05208Jenny & Robin’s RoomNew Zeitgeist
Sat 11:15 PM10/21 23:15214UncorkedSandy Andina
Sat 11:15 PM10/21 23:15218Rupert Wates & FriendsSky Smeed
Sat 11:15 PM10/21 23:15216FolknetAndy Cohen
Sat 11:20 PM10/21 23:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseRuth & Max Bloomquist
Sat 11:20 PM10/21 23:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsTerry Klein
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30214UncorkedCharlie Mosbrook
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsRupert Wates
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30220First TimersPushing Chain
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30208Jenny & Robin’s RoomHeather Styka
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30210LilFestKerry Patrick Clark
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30216FolknetCurt Joa
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30222The Warming HouseKaia Fowler
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30222The Warming HouseScott Fab
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalTRiSiS
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30228The Traditional RoomHall & Morgan
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30230Bliss HippyDavid G. Smith
Sat 11:30 PM10/21 23:30230Bliss HippyEric Lambert
Sat 11:40 PM10/21 23:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseJohnny Coull
Sat 11:40 PM10/21 23:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsTim Grimm
Sat 11:45 PM10/21 23:45214UncorkedLyal Strickland
Sat 11:50 PM10/21 23:50216FolknetDavid Noll
Sat 11:55 PM10/21 23:55208Jenny & Robin’s RoomJoe Cartoon
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseBlind Hills
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00220First TimersRiver Breitbach
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosCurt Joa
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00210LilFestRupert Wates
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00230Bliss HippyBliss Hippy
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00230Bliss HippyThe Matchsellers
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsAnnie & Rod Capps
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsDiamonds in the Rust
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsJan Krist & Jim Bizer
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalJohn Stano
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00214UncorkedMark Dvorak
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00218Rupert Wates & FriendsDan Weber
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00222The Warming HouseJulie Christense
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00222The Warming HouseShawna Caspi
Sat 12:00 AM10/22 00:00228The Traditional RoomChuck Mitchell
Sat 12:10 AM10/22 00:10216FolknetPrairie Anthem
Sat 12:15 AM10/22 00:15218Rupert Wates & FriendsTerry Klein
Sat 12:20 AM10/22 00:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseOrdinary Elephant
Sat 12:20 AM10/22 00:20208Jenny & Robin’s RoomSue Fink
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30214UncorkedJoel Curtis
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30220First TimersTBA
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosTRiSiS
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30210LilFestGina Forsyth
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30222The Warming HouseAlmighty American
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30222The Warming HouseMicah Walk
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30230Bliss HippyDavid Noll
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30230Bliss HippyJane Godfrey
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsRupert Wates
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30216FolknetCurtis & Loretta
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalKatie Dahl
Sat 12:30 AM10/22 00:30228The Traditional RoomRuth & Max Bloomquist
Sat 12:40 AM10/22 00:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Sat 12:45 AM10/22 00:45214UncorkedHeather Styka
Sat 12:45 AM10/22 00:45218Rupert Wates & FriendsTim Grimm
Sat 12:45 AM10/22 00:45208Jenny & Robin’s RoomRobin Bienemann
Sat 12:50 AM10/22 00:50216FolknetKaia Fowler
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00214UncorkedRyanhood
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00220First TimersRupert Wates
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00224Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Hakan
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00210LilFestPhil Heywood
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00212Two Way Street Coffee HouseDan Weber
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00222The Warming HouseBrianna Lane
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00222The Warming HouseJohn Louis
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00230Bliss HippyJoe Shields
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00230Bliss HippySue Fink
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00218Rupert Wates & FriendsAaron Earl Short
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00226Shawano Folk Music FestivalChuck Mitchell
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00228The Traditional RoomMark Dvorak
Sat 1:00 AM10/22 01:00232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsThe OK Factor
Sat 1:10 AM10/22 01:10208Jenny & Robin’s RoomSmall Forest
Sat 1:10 AM10/22 01:10216FolknetDon D. Harvey
Sat 1:15 AM10/22 01:15214UncorkedLoretta’s Last Call
Sat 1:15 AM10/22 01:15218Rupert Wates & FriendsEmily White
Sat 1:20 AM10/22 01:20212Two Way Street Coffee HouseShawna Caspi
Sat 1:20 AM10/22 01:20232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsThe Newkirks
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30220First TimersTBA
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosBelle Star
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30210LilFestEarnest & Troubled
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30210LilFestEric Lambert
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30210LilFestJosia Eden
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30222The Warming HouseOpen Song Circle
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30230Bliss HippyKatie Dahl
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30230Bliss HippyTim Grimm
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsAmelia Sweet Bluebird
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsJane Fallon
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30218Rupert Wates & FriendsRupert Wates
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30216FolknetCharlie Mosbrook
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30226Shawano Folk Music FestivalAndy Cohen
Sat 1:30 AM10/22 01:30228The Traditional RoomTBA
Sat 1:35 AM10/22 01:35208Jenny & Robin’s RoomDan Weber
Sat 1:40 AM10/22 01:40212Two Way Street Coffee HouseRyanhood
Sat 1:40 AM10/22 01:40232McCool’s Room at Pump House ConcertsAngela Meyer
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00230Bliss HippyBliss Hippy
Thu 12:00 AM10/20 00:00230Bliss HippyOrdinary Elephant
Thu 1:30 AM10/20 01:30224Gypsy Wagon StudiosRon Muka
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00220First TimersAngela Meyer
Thu 11:00 PM10/19 23:00214UncorkedRain Perry
Fri 11:00 PM10/20 23:00214UncorkedJohn Keck
Sat 11:00 PM10/21 23:00214UncorkedDiane Perry

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