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In 2017, we will once again provide an online, sortable and filterable Private Showcase Schedule.  Instead of printing the schedule – and since there are multiple ways you’d like to see the schedule it takes lots of pages – you can now look it up on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Want to know the line up in a particular room?  Click on the host button and sort by the host rooms.  Want to know when your favorite musician is performing?  Click on the performer button.  Standing in the hallway at 1:30 on Friday night with no idea where to go?  Click on the date/time button.  Check it out.  This “app” was designed by B. Ryan B., so congratulate him on a job well done.

The latest schedule is posted HERE.


Your 2017 Private Showcase Hosts are:

Room #208 – Jenny Bienemann – Jenny & Robin’s Room
Room #210 –  Nancy Emrich – Lilfest
Room #212 – Denise Davis – Two Way Street
Room #214 – Loretta Sawyer – Uncorked
Room #216 – Charlie Mosbrook – Folknet
Room #218 – Rupert Wates – Rupert Wates & Friends

Room #220 – First Timer Room – if you are a first timer and want to perform, for no fee, in this room, email Jacquelyn at

Room #222 – John Louis – The Warming House
Room #224 – David Hakan – Gypsy Wagon Studios
Room #226 – Joel Kroenke – Shawano Folk Music Festival
Room #228 – Joan Hellman – The Traditional Room
Room #230 – Richard Hall – Bliss Hippy
Room #232 – Kristin McCool – McCool’s Room at Pump House Concerts


What others have said about the Private Showcases at FARM.

“The YaYas attended their first FARM in 2011 and from the Performance Lane and Private Showcases, we were able to book some great gigs in the Midwest. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put together a great conference. We had a wonderful experience.”  – Jay Mafale (The YaYas)

“I just wanted to personally say thanks to you both for hosting such a wonderful showcase room. The sounds, the lights, the act selections, and just keeping things on time, introductions, etc, all done in very relaxed no pressure vibe.  Well done.”  Johnsmith (from 2016)

FARM will be designating thirteen hotel rooms, all poolside at the Sheraton Iowa City, for Private Showcases.   The private showcase area at the 2017 conference will be an exciting and inviting place to be!!  And our chief of terrier security and cuteness, Champ, will return to FARM in 2017.  Private Showcases will run from about 11pm to 2am each night of the conference (Thur, Fri, Sat).

 NOTE – this is almost an hour more Private Showcase time than in past years!!  50% bonus time!

The first section below is for HOSTS.  If you are a PERFORMER, please scroll down a bit for info on how to secure gigs in the Private Showcase rooms.


Note: Host hotel room reservations for private showcase rooms will work the same as last year.  You will reserve the private showcase room directly with FARM (not thru the hotel).  The cost of $125 per night includes a hotel room in the private showcase area, and the fee for hosting.  You are welcome to sleep in this room.  If you want a separate sleeping room, please book that directly with the Sheraton (see the Hotel Info page).  We really really really prefer to have you host a room all three nights.  As an incentive, if you do this, you will be able to move into your room on Wednesday – a day early.  Priority will be given to hosts that apply for all three nights of FARM.

  • Deadline for applying to present (host) a private showcase is September 1st.
  • The fee for hosting a private showcase room is $125 per night – this INCLUDES the cost of the hotel room!!
  • DO NOT reserve a room with the hotel to use for your Private Showcase.  Private Showcase room reservations will be handled directly with FARM (by Jacquelyn Strickland, our venerable Private Showcase coordinator).
  • Reserve your Private Showcase Room by making payment via the Pay For Things page.  Choose “FARM Private Showcase Room Fee”.  One fee per night that you will host a room.  This fee must be paid by September 1st.
  • Private Showcases will be allowed Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights beginning at 11pm and ending at 2am.  We prefer that a host run their showcase all three nights, but one or two night arrangements are possible.
  • Absolutely NO amplification will be allowed.
  • Full conference registration is required for ALL performers and hosts.
  • Complete showcase schedules must be submitted in advance (deadline September 25, 2017)
  • We ask that each Private Showcase Host keep at least one performance slot unassigned each evening to be made available at the end of September for artists who register too late to be assigned a Performance Lane slot.  This can be one spot in a round, or a solo performance spot.  We will ask you to work with the conference directors to assign these slots to the late registrants so most or all of them will get at least one performance spot in the course of the weekend.  We are doing this to balance this year’s reduction in Performance Lane spots with the increase in Private Showcase times.

How to apply to present (host) a private showcase.

Email the following information to Jacquelyn Strickland (

Showcase room host name, email address, cell phone number, and showcase room title.  Also, tell Jacquelyn whether or not you will be sleeping in your private showcase room.

Reserve your Private Showcase Room by making payment via the Pay For Things page.  Choose “FARM Private Showcase Room Fee”.  One fee per night that you will host a room.  This fee must be paid by September 1st.



Your hosts with room numbers (contact them any time for performance opportunities) will be posted here in July 2017.



We will again have a Private Showcase room reserved for first time attendees (1st timers).  If this is your first time registering for FARM, you are eligible! The 1st Timer room will feature a series of 30 minute In The Round performances, each consisting of three 1st time attendees.  Spots in this room will be assigned based your request with priority based on REGISTRATION ORDER.  There are 54 spots available to 1st timers.

Email Jacquelyn Strickland, of your interests, and tell her any date / time preferences to help her schedule you.



How to Solicit Private Showcase MUSICIANS or HOSTS

Click HERE (scroll down below the email signup section) for info on how to join our listserve, which is the primary communications tool for soliciting gigs in private showcases.  And while you are on that page, signup for the newsletter email list (if you haven’t already).  The newsletter will keep you very informed regarding the conference and all FARM activities.

Once you are signed up for the listserve, performers and hosts can send emails to everyone else on the list serve, stating your interest in performing in a private showcase room.

Shen available, the names and contacts of hosts will be posted on this page. Sign up for our mailing list (click HERE) for updates.

Some Private Showcase Hosts may choose to charge the showcasing artists a small fee to help offset the cost of their room, refreshments and advertising. This is optional and at the discretion of each individual host.

ABSOLUTELY NO guerrilla or any other type of in-room showcasing will be allowed in any other rooms or at any other times.

Private Showcase coordinator is  Jacquelyn Strickland  (  if you have further questions.  And thank her for all her work!

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Official FARM Playlist

We are currently featuring our 2017 Official Showcase artists! Give a listen - you can expect more of this at this year's FARM conference!


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