FARM Is Looking For Nominations

FARM is looking for nominations for the Folk Tradition in the Midwest Lifetime Award

The Annual Folk Tradition in the Midwest Lifetime Award is awarded at the annual FARM Gathering to a living individual who resides in the Midwest and whose involvement in the Midwest folk music and dance community: 1) has been of significant duration, 25 years or more; 2) has been of significant intensity; 3) has involved significant service to the Midwest folk community; 4) has reached, and reaches, beyond a single sector, such as concert performance, into the wider community; and 5) has extended folk music and/or dance outward, into the wider community. The FARM Board has standardized nomination and selection procedures for this award, which is growing in meaning and prestige and which serves not only to honor one person, but to increase awareness of and strengthen ties within and beyond the Midwest folk music and dance community.

Past recipients include: Cathy Barton and Dave Para (2012), Bob Blackman (2011), Maggie Ferguson (2009), David Tamulevich (2008), Juel Ulven (2007), Margaret Nelson (2006), Dave Humphreys (2005), Glen & Judi Morningstar (2004), Stan Werbin (2003), Rich Warren (2002), Larry Bruner (2001), Art Thieme (2000)

To download a Nomination Form and instructions click on “Awards”

FARM is looking for Official Showcase Submissions

FARM is ready to accept your submissions for the Official Showcases at the
2013 FARM Conference on October 24-27, 2013 in St. Louis, MO.

For information and to submit:

For 2013 we have partnered with The Listening Room Network to host
submissions and Jeff Robertson will be the showcase committee coordinator.
Submission fee remains the same as 2012 at $15.  All submissions will be
done online using links to your songs. This year we are asking that at least
one of the 3 song submissions be in the form of a video.  And while we would
prefer that all three submissions be video we will gladly accept any
combination of audio or video for the other two submissions.  The video
submissions need not be a studio production, if fact, the best videos to
submit are those of you in front of the camera, preferably in front of an
audience.  The make-up of the act in the submissions should be the same act
make-up as the intended showcase performance.  So if you plan on performing
solo, please do not send a link to a recording of you with a band or backup

For additional information, the complete set of requirements and to submit,
please check our showcase submission website.  We look forward to hearing
from all of you.

Official FARM Playlist

We are currently featuring our 2017 Official Showcase artists! Give a listen - you can expect more of this at this year's FARM conference!


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Future FARM Dates


Dates for future FARM Conferences:

Grand Rapids, MI

Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids Airport Hotel
5700 28th Street
Grand Rapids, MI
* October 25 – 28, 2018
* October 24 – 27, 2019
* October 22 – 25, 2020


Dates of the 2017 FARM Conference:

In Iowa City, IA
* October 19 – 22, 2017

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